Parents and students can choose the best learning paths to meet their needs. Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools has committed support to enhance Home Education in our community by offering many flexible alternatives for Home Educators. Home Educators can create a Parent Directed Home Education program, use ADLC resources, choose to blend a program with another WRPS School or take part in individual workshops that will be offered throughout the year.

If you are interested in any of these alternatives please call Kathy Stephanson at 312-3000 for more information.

Home Education Parent Handbook

Mental Health Resource Online

One in five children and youth, which is approximately 200,000 young people in Alberta, experience mental health problems. More than 125,000 of them are not receiving treatment.

If you are looking for resources on Mental Health to use check out the resources at MORE.

WDHM Youth Network

Are you interested in artifacts of the past?? If so the Wetaskiwin and District Heritage Museum is looking for young people who would like to join them to plan exhibits and support the museum many initiatives. Contact them at for more information.

Power Up

Make some delicious recipes with milk and eggs using Power Up to guide you.

Power for Bones

Power4Bones is a FREE program that focusses on the importance of nutrition and physical activity in developing strong bones and healthy habits for life. Check it out!!!


Immunizations often take place in the school setting and sometimes parents that educate their children at home may have questions about getting their child immunized. If you are wanting information on the Alberta Health Services immunization schedule visit the Alberta Health Services website or call the health centre at 780-361-4333.


Looking for resources to supplement your Homeschool Health Curriculum?? Alberta Health Services has coordinated lessons and resources into a user friendly wiki. All items are organized by grade and topic.

Rutherford House

Rutherford House is a historic site on the University of Alberta campus that offers many programs for people wanting to experience life in the early 1900s.

The Wheat Orbit

The Wheat Orbit is an interactive blog about the transformation of a wheat seed into a loaf of bread. This educational blog will explain the decisions that a farmer goes through during the seasons as he posts about his journey from now until October.

Cool Science

Cool Science is a great website where you can see video demonstrations of many science experiments.

Get To Know

The Get To Know program is a great way to integrate art and the outdoors.

Sarah, who is a mom of 4 busy boys, has created a website full of ideas to engage her boys in learning. It is full of ideas on how to parent boys, teach boys and just keep them busy. If you have a busy boy in your home check out the website Frugalfun4boys.

Explain Everything

One of the ways to demonstrate true understanding is to be able to explain your knowledge to someone else. Now there is a website that focusses on helping you to make a digital presentation to explain a concept or subject to another person. Check out Explain Everything for a new way to demonstrate your understandings.




If you are interested in having your child write

to a PenPal in the UK or other locations

 check out the Teacher's Corner at is a website that provides information about science topics using many forms of technology (Blogs, Twitter and YouTube). Check it out!!

Let's Talk Science

Let's Talk Science is an award winning, national, charitible organization that creates and delivers meaningful learning programs and services for kids. Check it out at CurioCity.


Energy4Travel Action Project is a national citizen science data collection project.

As citizen scientists, students will be able to individually collect data about their personal transportation usage and then compare their data with their classmates and other students across Canada.

By participating in this project, students will think critically about energy they consume just about every day but often take for granted - the energy consumed to get from place to place. Curriculum-aligned educator resources will be available at no cost to groups participating in the project.

For more information about this project go to

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